Here is a list of my 7 favorite books


Healing the Eight Stages of Life

by Matthew Linn, Sheila Fabricant & Dennis Linn

This book is excellent in guiding us rediscover how we became our present selves and healing the inner hurts we may have overlooked in the course of our growing years.  Without going through this process, it would be difficult to begin a proper discernment of vocation.



Good Goats

by Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn & Matthew Linn

This book focuses on healing our image of God which we developed through our own life experiences and circumstances. It also helps us to unpack our literal interpretation of Scriptures and develop a deeper and more genuine relationship and relationship with self, others and God.



Jesus before Christianity

by Albert Nolan

This book gives us a better understanding of the humanity of Jesus and gives us concrete examples of how to live out faith, hope and love in the real world.



Sleeping with Bread (Holding what gives you life)

by Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn & Matthew Linn

This book is an excellent introduction for the daily examen of consciousness, especially for beginners into Ignatian Spirituality. It acts a good preparation to the general examen, particular examen and the spiritual exercises: the neccessary steps to those interested in discernment. Here is a snippet of what you can find in the book.


Sacred Story (An Ignatian Examen For The Third Millennium)

by William M. Watson, SJ

This book provides the individual with in-depth knowledge of the origin and development of the General and Particular Examen by Ignatius of Loyola as well as clear instructions and practical steps onhow to do the examen.  By the end of the book the individual should be able to write their own sacred story as they journey through discernment.


Transformation of the Heart (The Role of Emotions in the Spiritual Excercise of St Ignatius)

by P. T. Joseph, SJ

This book gives the individual a deeper insight into the meaning and role of Emotions so as to be able to recognise authentic desires: whether we are moved by our own human spirit, the Holy Spirit or the unholy spirit.


Magdalene of Canossa (Charity is a fire that ever spreads out)

by Marina Airoldi and Dorino Tuniz

This book traces the historical context and the beginning of her life to becoming the Foundress of the Canossian Family. It shows her struggles from within as she discerned her calling as well as facing the challenges to set up the Institute.

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Please note the materials and thoughts written are simply to aid the individual seeking a deeper reflection and a closer understanding of Christ in her life.

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