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Sister Christina Yeo

Religious Order:

Canossians Daughters of Charity


Education and Formation

No. of years as a religious:

First joined the Sisters as a postulant in 1969 and I made my first profession in 1972.

I started this blog as there are many good catholic young women out there who are at a point in their life, questioning what their vocation is (the will of God) and would like to know if a religious life is where they are being called to serve the Lord.

Discernment involves a process of getting to know oneself: learning one's strengths and accepting one's own weaknesses - to look at the past so as to understand the present self and to become the person God meant us to be. One needs to be aware of the various human and faith development stages (refer to blog: xxx) in order to discover the particular state of life that God calls us to - be it religious, marriage or single for Christ.

I hope this will encourage and help many women at the crossroads to take that first step towards discernment, especially those who feel some bit of spiritual nudge in the direction of religious life. Getting to know the nuns and their work does not necessary mean you end up being a religious sister like me. Many have found their call to collaborate with the Sisters while living out the other two states. We can see this as God's hand in keeping the mission of the church alive.

For those who are called to be religious which means living in community, it is a challenging and transforming experience. It will encompass becoming "bread broken and shared" in the community and in mission. Of course life is an on-going journey and puzzles are bound to appear, but that is the natural course of life and for each religious, a continued process of receiving the love from God and passing it on to others.

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